Improved Seed Distribution

Improved seed dispersal attributes (including weight and shape) means greater accuracy while dropping with reduced wind drift and a higher likelihood of soil contact. It also means that less cultivation is required on difficult surfaces with steeper gradients such as embankments and hillsides.

Increased Surface Area

Increased surface area means greater seed to soil contact and a better chance of establishment.  A higher establishment rate means that in many situations seeding rates can be reduced to acheive the same coverage and thickness of stand while utilizing less seed.

Rhizobia Maximization

Sealed in Rhizobium through the coating process means a maximum amount of live rhizobium are available to colonize the developing root system. The difference in atmospheric nitrogen conversion can be in the hundreds of pounds with a jump start to the rhizobium population.

Wildlife Deterrant

Coating can prevent seed from being eaten by birds and rodents.